Northgate Terrace IMPORTANT Notices

Water outage:  

Water outage on May 8,2020 at 5:10pm  King Water is aware of the issue and is on the way to see what the problem is. 

Water/Assessment Bill:

King Water will be sending out our water/assessment bill at the end of May for the  amount that is currently in affect. If this amount changes at the annual meeting (that has been be rescheduled due to the current State lock down: homeowners will receive a notice of when it's been rescheduled to in the mail)  you will either be billed or prorated as required. Please continue to make your normal monthly payment, which can be set up by calling King Water.

May 1, 2020

The water filtration system is now up and running. We will continue to have monthly flushes the 2nd Thursday of every month.

05 June 2019

Water Filtration Update: 

The Filtration system is built and we are in the process of signing the contract with the construction company that will be installing it, we are hoping that it will be done by the end of summer as long as there aren't any problems with installation or the water. As soon as we get a better idea of the actual timeline to be completed it will be updated here. 


19 Mar 2019

Due to a water leak on Ocean View Drive, King Water will be working out there today. They will also be installing two meters (in that same neighborhood).

As such, the possibility exists that there COULD BE some water outages of short duration. The NGTCC board apologizes for the inconvenience.

Finally, all meters should be installed by this May (instead of March, as previously reported). The water outages should lessen at that point (only monthly flushes should occur).


14 Mar 2019

As of today, there are still 32 meters to be installed. TENTATIVELY, King Water will work on meters on 15 Mar 2019 (hours unknown). This means possible sporadic water outages throughout Northgate. As of now, the meters SHOULD be completed by the end of March 2019 (though that's not written in stone).

08 MAR 2019

Meters are being installed in the Rhododendron Drive area today. As such, the water could be shut off for short periods in that area. For advance notice, at this time, the plan is to install more meters next Friday (15 Mar, right now, also on Rhododendron). Again, there will be short water outages during that period. As of right now, there are 36 meters left to install. King Water is planning on having all meters installed by the end of the month. Once this is completed, the water shut-offs should cease (except for the monthly flushes).


 08 FEB 2019

Jeff Tasoff (Davido Consulting) has spoken with Bill Ketchum (ATEC). Bill recommends that NGTCC establish a contract with ATEC to manufacture the filters for this project (As of 2/8/2019, the NGTCC Treasurer has been unable to get in touch with Mr. Ketchum).

The time from the start of manufacturing the filters (in Southern California) to the delivery date is twelve (12) weeks. In addition, the possibility exists for an extra two (2) weeks for unforeseen circumstances (wildfires, shipping problems, etc). A rough estimate using the 14 weeks scenario (12 weeks + 2) is May 20. This depends on contacting Mr. Ketchum by 2/11/2019, which our Treasurer is actively trying to do. If all goes well, the treatment system should be online by mid-June.


01 Jan 2019

Update on Filtration System

The water filtration project has been a long, laborious, and multi-pronged process.

NGTCC contracted Davido Consulting Firm (Jeff Tasoff) in Dec 2017.   Mr. Tasoff did a walk-through in Feb 2018. He informed us of the choices for a healthier water system for NGTCC.  Mr. Tasoff said our best option was a water filtration system.

First, he ensured that the reservoir house was of an adequate size to take this new system. If it wasn't, a new  housing would need to be built. After a close inspection, it was determined that the current reservoir house could take the new system.

The next step was to have Altec (Mr. Wilder), the company chosen to install the system, run tests to determine the best filtration system for our needs..   The tests ran April to June 2018. 

We received the pilot testing summary from Tasoff and Wilder. Once the testing was completed, Tasoff sent his report and drawings to the State Department of Health for approval. The report was sent to the State in Oct 2018. 

The report was signed on 07 Jan 2019. NGTCC received the approval by mail 10 Jan 2019.

Mr. Tasoff is on vacation for a few weeks, so the treasurer spoke with his lead engineer. She said that she spoke with Altec.  Altec will now commence on engineering our filtration system, this will take 12 – 16 weeks.  At this time, we do not know when we will have it installed.  When Mr. Tasoff gets back from vacation I will be in contact with him to see when this will happen.  The HOA will post updates on the status of the system as they become available. Once installed, phase 1 of the water project will be completed.  If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the board via the CONTACT US link on this website


19 Dec 2018

Also, there are around fifty (50) meters left to be installed. Water must be shut off to certain parts of NGT for installation. We will attempt to keep everyone updated (via this page), however, we are unable to provide a schedule at this time due to unforeseen circumstances that arise at other sites.

Social Media pages

A Facebook page has been created for the residents of Northgate Terrace. The NGTCC HOA board has no affiliation nor input on any website, other than this site. 

The HOA board can not be contacted via those pages, but only through the CONTACT US  on this page.

At the Annual NGTCC Meeting on 05/10/2018, the board announced that a new filtration system was being put into place to fix the dirty water problem (This system will be installed in the near future). The cost has drained our Catastrophic Fund, which MUST have funds to apply for a government grant/loan, which we will be applying for to fix our aging infrastructure throughout the neighborhood. Also, any assistance from the federal government will not subsidize our water dues, which have been too low.

For this reason, the assembled homeowners took a vote and (with four nay votes) it was determined to increase to the following rates:

Water Dues$350

Assessment Fee$465


If there are any concerns/objections, monthly board meetings are second Thursday of each month in the clubhouse (4330 Childrens) at 6:00 PM.
NGTCC homeowners are ENCOURAGED (and renters ALLOWED, without voting privileges) to attend this meeting and offer CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS and suggestions.



King Water Flushing Schedule for Winter 2019 (Second Thursday of the month 9AM-5PM, also the day of the monthly board meeting)    

13 June 2019

10 July 2019

14 August 2019

11 Sept 2019

Note: When the new filtration system is installed (TBD), system flushes will decrease. This schedule will change to reflect the appropriate dates at that time.

For ANY issues regarding water (quality, odor, pressure, etc.), please call King Water.

After all, if King Water isn't aware of the problem, it can't be fixed.

Contact information for King Water:
Business Hours (9 AM - 5 PM): (360) 678-5336
After Hours: (888) 266-7048